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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Saying 'Hi!'

We are here! All of us are starting to settle in nicely to the new house. Ramius has already found all the good sunny spots, Finn has learned all of Caleb's shortcuts, and Balto (the fish) is swimming happily.

(Yes, we moved the fish 1380 miles to the Texas Metroplex. I was personally in favor of finding him a nice home with our neighbors in Virginia, but apparently Mickael was really attached to him and wanted to move him. How do you move a fish? In a Tupperware with lots of air space and then you burp him everytime you stop to eat, use the restroom or fill up the car. He lived and he seems happy now, so that's what's important.)

Caleb is really liking his new school and has made lots of friends in our neighborhood. Mickael and I are trying to get the number of boxes surrounding us unpacked and cleared out. We briefly discussed going with a Corrugated Chic decorating scheme, but decided against it. I've actually got about 75% of my sewing room unpacked already because we had new countertops put into the kitchen which meant I couldn't unpack the kitchen first. I'm now working on the kitchen and figuring out where to put everything.

I haven't knit anything in ages - I might not have taken a stitch all year (only being 28 days into the year makes that less dramatic than it would otherwise be). I'm hoping to get back to it soon, but so far, I'm just working on the house. Unpacking the sewing room made me twitchy to start designing and working on new projects, but I'm going to try to get more done around the house before I start anything big. I still have 3 more socks to knit up to complete pairs of sample socks I knit for patterns at the end of last year so that should tide me over.

Blogging will probably be random for a bit longer since the only progress I really seem to be making is stacks of empty boxes and giant bags of packing paper. I know the packing paper is important (so far we haven't found any breakage and both spinning wheels seem to be in perfect condition), but I think half that truck was filled with paper!

So that's what's going on around here! It's still pretty crazy and disorganized, but it's getting better and we can see progress everyday, so hopefully things will settle down fairly soon.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, I said I'd be back in January and here I am! The bad news is, Pink Lemon Twist is fixing to go silent again.

The reason? It's actually good news! The movers are showing up later this week and we will be leaving here on Friday, headed to the Texas Metroplex area. Like every move we've ever made (and I imagine most people have experienced this if you own instead of rent), we will have a brief period where we have left the old house but haven't closed on the new house yet where we are basically homeless but it's more of a weird limbo kind of thing. For some reason, this "state of being" is more difficult to explain to the Post Office than to regular people.

It will probably be close to the end of the month before the movers show up at the new house with the computer and then we have to find the box it's in. Once we get it hooked up to the Internet again, blogging can resume at a more normal frequency. Fortunately, I have been keeping on top of emails because I've borrowed computers from family members, but a complete lack of anything to blog about has meant there's no reason to log into Blogger. Want to know a secret? I left my knitting in Texas! I have nothing to knit! (OK, I have needles, books, and yarn in the stash and if I NEED to I can start something new, but I have 3 more socks to finish to complete pairs and I'm trying to get those done before I start something else.) I have very little mental capacity left right now with everything else that's going on, so trying to knit would probably turn out badly anyway.

I'm off to see what's in the freezer so I can see what we're having for dinner. I think I've got some kind of frozen meat that's wrapped in foil and in a freezer bag - yummy!