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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fourth Weaving Project

Weaving project #4 
I warped my loom for a new project over the weekend!  You'll never believe what I'm weaving this time - a scarf!  I'm using another set of mini skeins for the warp on this one.  The darkest shades are on the selvedges, blending to the lightest in the center.  This is SpaceCadet's Lucina base, which has little bits of silver sparkle.
Weaving project #4
For the weft, I'm using a fingering weight yarn from Burrow and Soar on Etsy, this is the Mercurial colorway.
Fourth weaving project
I think I did a better job on tension than I have on previous warping jobs.  That's one of the things I'm really working on getting better at.
Fourth weaving project
I'm using the 12 dent heddle again.  It's the right size for fingering weight yarns, and I love that I can do some stash busting with the loom.  I can get one long scarf out of two-pairs-of-socks worth of stash.  You can see the silver sparkles in the picture above, but they're pretty subtle - definitely not in your face bling!



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