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Friday, February 25, 2005

Sorry Ladies, he's married

I found out the other day that Caleb got married to one of the little girls in his preschool class. Apparently, she married him twice! It figures. I mean a cutie like Caleb who vacuums, can set the table, brings his dishes to the sink and is such a little love bug, isn't going to stay available for very long. Yes, we vacuumed this morning. The greatest thing about his little vacuum is that it actually picks up stuff off of the floor. Its not just a toy. When he first got it, he vacuumed up every little piece of lint or fuzz he could find (with a knitter/spinner and a dog and a cat in the house, you can imagine how busy he was). Now he pretty much only vacuums when I do, unless he spills something or makes a mess. You heard that right, he actually cleans up after himself! As you can see I started spinning some more yesterday. Its undyed white Coopworth which I'm spinning laceweight. Coopworth is the first type of wool I ever spun and I love it. It is a long wool and not particularly fine, but it has a sheen like pearls when its spun and its so easy to spin. I've also done some more on the Peacock Shawl, but it looks pretty much the same as it did the other day so I'll spare you a picture of it. I'm kind of in the middle part where I just keep knitting and knitting and it doesn't really do anything new. Hopefully I can get more done over the weekend and have something to show you next week. Have a great weekend and remember to clean up after yourself.


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