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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oasis Front

Here's a shot of the finished front of Oasis. Of course you could probably guess that from my witty post title couldn't you? You can see the mods I've made to the original Shapely Tank pattern. I've done a seed stitch border instead of the garter stitch one, and I've made the border go partway up the sides - it will have little side slits. I also didn't do the short row shaping for the curved hem. Then, instead of a scooped neck I did a split neck (hopefully). I'll know more once I finish the back of it and get the neck finished. I plan on doing about 4 rows of seed stitch on the neck and arm edges to finish them off. I've obviously also changed the back neck shape so it should be fun to see if it actually works once its done. This little top is just sailing along so I'm kinda waiting for something stupid to happen (something dumber than the cord incident). I have way more balls of yarn than I need so that's not going to be the problem. The most obvious thing I can come up with is that the neckline is going to be wonky. I mean, the wrap is going great, everything I'm spinning is just zipping along, so what's going on? Its only a matter of time before the Knitting Goddess realizes that I didn't do a gauge swatch.


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