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Monday, August 22, 2005

Something New

I started a new tank yesterday. I rewrote a few things on the Shapely Tank Top pattern that should make it fit me a little bit better and I'm doing it in a slipped stitch pattern which will give me some vertical lines which are always nice to have. I'm making it out of the Cotton Ball color of Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece yarn which was originally another sweater, which I didn't like so I frogged it. You can just barely see the slipped stitch lines on what I've done above. I'll try to get a better picture of it. Hopefully it will show up better once I've done a little more of it. I'm almost to the beginning of the waist shaping now.


Blogger Micky said...

Very nice. Can't wait to see how it works up.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Kary said...

Good luck ... sounds very interesting!! Melanie, when you get a chance, can you email me! Thanks & hugs!

8:34 AM  

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