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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Spinning and Spinning

I've been spinning on my Falkland top, and I've almost filled 4 bobbins. These are the first two, and will be the first two that get plyed. I have 6 regular size bobbins, and I will fill all of them with singles. Then I'll put on the plying bobbin and the plying flyer and start plying the singles. I played around with the singles and have decided that I like a 2 ply yarn instead of a 3 ply for what I want to use this yarn for. I have 29 ounces total of the Falkland, and this is more than enough for a sweater. In the meantime, there is a lot of sheepy white to be spun and while it does spin quickly and easily, its just sheepy white. I don't know what I'll spin on the wheel next (assuming I ever finish up this batch) but it won't be sheepy white. I'm still spinning on Caleb's sock yarn on the drop spindle and at least the colors in it keep me amused. Don't get me wrong, I love sheepy white and plan to knit the sweater in this natural, creamy white color, its just a little boring to spin. Maybe that's just me though.


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