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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Socks To Be

Last night I finished plying the yarn for Caleb's socks. This is the yarn that he helped me figure out which colors to dye the roving and how he wanted the colors to blend. He's very excited about this yarn and keeps asking when it will be socks. I've got to set the twist and then once its dry I can start knitting his socks. I'm still knitting on his sleeves on the navy sweater I started last week, but I hope to really get going on that one. I finished up a major project yesterday which will appear on the blog tomorrow, so now I can devote my time to other things for a little while. Right now I only have Caleb's sweater and one gift on the needles. My rule is three things plus socks so I could start another project and some socks, but I might just keep working on what I have for now. Its kinda nice not having a bunch going on...


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