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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Harvest Yarn

Once upon a time, back in November or so, the singles for this yarn were spun. They were living on bobbins, and placed delicately to the side while I spun silk. I spun silk and spun silk, and kept on spinning silk and these singles just waited quietly on their bobbins, in the basket next to the spinning wheel. Yesterday, they got plyed together! This is the yarn from my Harvest Roving from Linden Lane Farm that I got last summer. Its a wool mohair blend and is destined to be (Yeah, you guessed it) ...socks! I've got more than enough to do myself a pair and Caleb a pair. I love the way the colors came together on this and her roving was absolutely wonderful. There were maybe 3 pieces of VM in the whole batch of 8 ounces! You can see the shine from the mohair in the picture and besides adding shine and drape to a yarn, mohair will wear like iron - exactly what you want for sock yarn! I keep squeezing this yarn everytime I walk by (its drying right now after having the twist set) and its just so bouncy and soft! I don't think this will be part of my Olympic Knitting since its bigger than regular sock yarn and the gauge would be lower, I feel like that might be cheating. Next week I will finalize the yarn and patterns for Olympic Knitting. Since this will be the only thing I'll be working on, you guys might need to get prepared for 16 days of nothing but socks - there goes my blog readership! By the way, I'm loving all the comments you guys are leaving. Just remember that if you need a question answered, leave your email address with AT and DOT instead of @ and . its like a secret code the spammers can't hack (or they're too lazy to bother).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! How can you make that into socks that will sit inside shoes, unseen by everyone else?! Mindy

11:17 PM  

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