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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Thanks for wondering about me CareBear (and anyone else who has wondered but didn't post). The next couple of days are going to be really crazy around here. This morning I registered Caleb for Kindergarten - I can't believe he's old enough already. The rest of the day has been spent running errands and just getting stuff done that needs doing. Some really good friends of ours are moving into the area and tomorrow I'll be watching their two oldest girls while the movers unpack so there won't be blogging tomorrow. I'm hoping to be back Thursday or Friday with the sock pattern all done though. Otherwise, Pink Lemon Twist is going to be quiet for a couple of days but don't worry. I'm here, I'm fine and I'll be back as soon as I have something to share!


Blogger CareBear said...

Well, that's definietly good new about not being sick but please know you'll be missed! :-)

7:26 AM  

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