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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Wicked-ness continues...

...I got quite a bit done on Wicked this weekend. I tried it on, figured out what I wanted to do for decreases, where I wanted to put them and how many I should use. Then I decreased down to the waist. I tried it on again and figured out increases for my hips the same way. At this point, I am about 20 rounds from casting off on the body of this sweater! I'm still making changes to the original pattern though. They call for a seed stitch lower border on the body. The neckline and the cuffs both have the little cable rib though and seed stitch doesn't make an appearance anywhere else in the design so I've decided to work a few more increases and then put the little cable rib at the bottom of the sweater. To me that just makes more sense, especially since I'm not doing the pocket (which does have the little cable ribs on it, I think.) I'm loving the way its fitting on me. The neckline is definitely not too wide (i.e. - no bra straps peeking out), and with the changes I've made to the pattern I think its really going to be great. The reasons I'm changing the shaping of the sweater are not because of any shortcomings of the design and pattern itself. I'm making changes to fit my own body. If you look at the pattern, the model is (I believe) one of the designers and she's very slim and willowy. I am definitely more on the curvy end of the scale. If I made the shaping exactly as the pattern was written, I don't think the sweater would be very flattering for me. I just wanted to mention that because I don't want to put anyone off this pattern who is thinking about making it. The pattern does suggest in several places that you try on the sweater in progress to double check fit and make adjustments for your own personal body type.

I'm also far enough along to know that I will have enough yarn to make the sweater. I started with 930 yards, the pattern calls for 800 yards to make the second size which is what I'm doing, but that just sounds like its not going to be enough. I tend to buy 1200 yards of worsted or aran weight yarn when I buy for my stash with no particular project in mind. I know I'm not the only one who gets part way through a project and freaks out that there won't be enough yarn, but its always nice to get to the point where you KNOW you'll be OK.



Blogger Vanessa said...

I like the neckline on yours and the shaping. I did see this pattern but wasn't thrilled with the boatneck idea. Not my fav. Impressed that you can make the changes. Nice work

6:31 PM  

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