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Thursday, October 11, 2007

More than 50% More Solace Than Ever Before! (Or something like that.)


I have been working away at Solace and now that the temperature has dropped to more Fall like ranges (90 degrees F on Monday is NOT Fall), I'm inspired to really get it finished so I can snuggle into it. At this point I'm knitting from ball number 7 of 12, so I'm past the halfway point. I have done 9 repeats of the chart, so I should get 7 or 8 more to finish this wrap.

Every time I show this project, I get comments that the center section looks like cables in my Solace, but not in my Mom's original Solace for her pattern. I promise there are no cables in the design. It's an eyelet pattern and because the decreases aren't right next to their Yarn Overs, the knitted fabric looks like it changes directions, which gives it the textured look you see in the picture. I think the reason it looks more "cabley" in my Solace has to do with the yarn. My Mom used a Soy Silk/Wool blend and I'm using 100% Wool. Wool is more elastic than Soy Silk, so my yarn is bouncier, making it draw in with the texture, while Mom's yarn relaxed and draped, opening up the design. Once I finish this wrap, I will wash it and lay it out flat to dry and smooth it down. I don't think it will need a hard blocking the way I would do a traditional lace piece, but smoothing it out should make it look nice.



Blogger Sherie said...

Looking good! My 2nd Solace is languishing away in the basket right now as the temperatures here are still in the high 80's. ARGH! Can't wait for it to cool down so I can get this finished and gifted to my mom.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Kary said...

O - it looks so snuggly & comfy! (I am SO glad it is cooler here too.) HugZ!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Fharris said...

Melanie, beautiful work. Please tell me what's the name of the yarn you purchased from Elann and the color. Thanks, Diane

1:53 PM  

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