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Friday, July 11, 2008

Lookie what I won!

As most of the knitting community knows by now, every year Claudia and her husband ride their tandem bike in the MS Ride (this year he was injured so she was joined by another knitter on the tandem). To raise money for this ride, Claudia puts together a seriously huge load of prizes and for every $10 you contribute, you get your name put in the hat one time. Last year and this year, she has been the number one fundraiser for the ride (this year's take was $32, 548 - go knitters). After the ride is over, she starts drawing names - I can't imagine how long it takes - and I was one of the winners! This is 360 yards of "Sport-ish weight" merino, handspun by Pumpkinmama! It photographed slightly more yellow than it is, but it does have yellow greens in it. In fact, it has just about every shade of green in it, from the pale to medium range, blue greens to yellow greens. I'm thinking about a scarf with some leafy lace design in it...
By the way, THANK YOU so much for all the help with the T shirt quandary! I've now got a list of possibilities and will be using my mad Google Fu skills to see what I can find. One of the most suggested possibilities was J.Jill, which is making me kick myself because that's my favorite brand of camis and I also wear their jeans (and really, just about anything else - I love J. Jill), but I've never tried their tees! Thanks!


Blogger Connie Peterson said...

Fortunate you! It is lovely yarn!! Can't wait to see what it makes!

9:13 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I bought a whole bunch of J.Jill t-shirts last summer at the end of season sale and have worn them constantly all year, love them!

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Robby said...

Um, I looked at your link for your favorite camis and thought, "Huh, well, guess she doesn't like the tees." Of course, I do stuff like that all the time. Now, waiting to see what the lovely green stuff becomes.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Knittripps said...

How lucky you are! Congratulations on your winning.

12:50 PM  

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