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Friday, October 03, 2008

Juno Fronts, Barely


I've just started the fronts of Juno and have only worked a tiny bit on them. When I uploaded the picture I realized they looked like handknit eyebrows. Why anyone would knit eyebrows I don't know, but it wouldn't really surprise me to find that someone, somewhere has.

Why is it taking me so long to work on this? Well I've been a bit sidetracked. About a week and a half ago I was contacted by Valerie from Yarn4Socks, asking if I would be interested in doing the pattern for their December club again. (I did the pattern for December last year - it was Scarborough Fair and Caledonian Mist.) I was thrilled with the opportunity to do this and agreed immediately. At the time, I was working on the second sock from the Mountain Stream pair in the Water pattern. I was also getting dirty looks from the yarns selected to become the Air sock collection. The sock club dyer (Woolarina) was getting the yarn figured out (which yarn, what colors, etc) and was going to send it to me ASAP, so I knew I had only a few days to get other things finished up and figured out before I'd need to devote my time to the pattern for the sock club. Since I package two designs in each sock pattern, I have to write both sets of directions and get the pattern finished for Yarn4Socks by the first of November. I quickly went stash diving and came up with a yarn for the second pair of socks that would fit with the general theme and got to work.

I had already designed both pairs of socks for the Air pattern, but it was all notes and graph paper so on Wednesday morning I sat down at the computer, charted everything and wrote the patterns. The only thing the Air pattern needs is sample socks (actually photos of sample socks, but I'll need to knit them before I can photograph them). Then Wednesday afternoon I sat down and charted and wrote the pattern for the secondary design for the sock club (I didn't have the actual yarn for the sock club socks so I couldn't write that pattern yet). Finally Wednesday afternoon I sat down and started knitting the second sock club pattern. It didn't work. I had two variations on the design and neither one worked. At 7:00 PM Wednesday night I admitted to myself that I would have start over on the second sock club pattern.

Thursday morning I woke up, got everyone going in the general direction they needed to go and started playing with graph paper and stitch dictionaries. By 4:00 PM yesterday afternoon I finally had a design. Unfortunately, I can't really show it to anyone yet, hence the rather pathetic handknit eyebrows you see above.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going to be knitting socks (which isn't a bad way to spend a weekend at all!)



Blogger Pungo River Days said...

Groucho Marks

1:48 PM  
Anonymous auntiemichal said...

'handknit eyebrows' LOL LOL LOL

Thanks! I beg someone has at least knit a mask with eyebrows, but if they have, a quick google didn't reveal anything. LOL

5:52 PM  

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