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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A New Spinning Project

While I wait for the Polwarth singles to age a bit before I ply them (the first bobbin has been aging for months), I'm going to spin up some lace weight for the Aeolian Shawl. This is what I pulled out of my stash for the project. It's 4.4 ounces of 50/50 Silk and Merino from Pollywogs. The label says "Hand Dyed Violet" and I'm pretty sure I got it off of eBay when I first started spinning ages ago, but I found an Etsy store for Pollywogs here. I will spin this in as much of a true worsted as I can to get a nice smooth yarn I can use beads on and to really play up the shine of the silk. It will be a two ply yarn when I get it all done. As you can see, Ramius has already inspected the fiber and has approved it.

Oh, just in case anyone was worried about Balto's fins being nibbled on by The Bobs, when you have enough Neon Tetras to make a school (from what I've read, 6 is the recommended minimum), they just keep to themselves and don't mess with other fish. So far, the three Bobs we have haven't been picking on Balto, but just to keep it that way, we'll be picking up three more Bobs tonight to round out our school.



Anonymous Rachael said...

Ironic that making the Bob Mob larger is what will keep them from picking on another fish

10:10 AM  

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