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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fronts Done!


I have finished the fronts to Juno! Now I just have the sleeves and the collar to do (and the front bands, and weaving in the ends, and sewing on the buttons). I will probably block the fronts and back this week so I can get a good measurement on the neckline for knitting the collar. That way they can be drying while I knit the sleeves. Maybe I will get this finished sometime before Summer! It's cold and rainy here today, so I hope to get some knitting done once my caffeine kicks in and I get the house straightened up this morning. (The stitch markers are so I can tell which side is the right side of the fronts without having to really look. Theoretically, this will help me sew the pieces together properly. Realistically, this will be dependant on my caffeine levels on sewing up day.)

I'm ready to start designing a new pattern and to make things a bit easier on myself, I will be blogging the designing and knitting - come back tomorrow to see what's going on around here!

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