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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Long, Lost Cherry Blossom Shawl

It's not really lost, it stares at me sadly every time I walk past it and pick up something else to knit. I've been working on it a little bit every few days and I've now completed 5 repeats of this last section. I have to do a total of 12 repeats before I add the border, so at this point I'm almost halfway there. The pattern is so easy, I briefly considered taking it with me to knit in public (the usual role my socks play), but then I got a grip on myself and thought about the logistics (and the logic) of knitting laceweight mohair and silk in pale pink that blows around like spiderwebs in public, in waiting rooms and in places of unknown cleanliness (or at least places that might be dangerous for pale pink mohair and silk) and decided to keep plugging away at it here at home. I really needed the needles to begin some Christmas knitting (going to go stealth on the blog, but it will be added to my Ravelry project page), but I decided to order more needles instead. This poor Cherry Blossom Shawl will eventually get done, it just might take a few more weeks to get there.

(Just a note, this is no reflection on the pattern or design. I love the design, I love the way it's looking, and the knitting couldn't be easier. I'm now working on two stealth Christmas knitting projects though and the Cherry Blossom Shawl is jockeying for my time with the Autumn Leaves Cardi. On the other hand, I have the next lace project already picked out as soon as I finish the Cherry Blossom Shawl, so maybe that will help motivate me.)



Anonymous Rebecca in CO said...

Your Cherry Blossom Shawl is lovely indeed.......don't abandon her completely. I used to live Dallas so know that you can get some good use out of her for a while. You won't need that cardigan until February...LOL

8:06 PM  

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