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Thursday, October 08, 2009

More Autumn Leaves

I've gotten the length of the cardi where I want it and in an effort to curb the rolling edge, I'm doing some garter stitch now. I've worked 6 rows of garter stitch so far (this gives me 3 ridges on the Right Side), but it still seems to want to roll. While blocking will help some, I'm going to keep working garter stitch until I have 5 ridges on the Right Side before I bind off. The pattern doesn't call for garter stitch edges, but the yarns called for in the pattern are more drapey than 100% wool (many of the yarns have linen in them), so they're less likely to roll at the edges anyway. I did a single garter stitch ridge on the edge of each sleeve, so the hem edge will coordinate with the sleeve edge. I'll probably use some form of garter stitch edging on the front bands to tie the whole thing together.

I'd like to apologize for the photography this week. Red is difficult to photograph at any time, but it's been raining, misting and overcast all week so I've been forced to use flash, which causes even more problems. You would think that as many times as I've tried, unsuccessfully to photograph red, that maybe I would stop working with it (seeing as I blog pretty much everything that I knit), but I just love red!

Bit of useless information for those who love that kind of thing: you know how a piece of stockinette stitch knitting will roll towards the Right Side along the horizontal edges? That's because the top to bottom measurement of a knit stitch is slightly shorter than the top to bottom measurement of a purl stitch (which are on the Wrong Side). This makes the stitches roll. And a bonus piece of information: Knit stitches (the Right Side) are slightly wider than Purl stitches (the Wrong side), which is why stockinette stitch will roll to the wrong side along the vertical sides. This is also why garter stitch and moss/seed stitch will lay flat - there are equal numbers of knits and purls on both the wrong side and the right side of the knitting. An even rib (K2, P2) will do the same thing, and even a slightly uneven rib (K4, P2) will behave pretty easily, but if you've ever tried to get a seriously uneven rib to lie flat (K8, P2), you'll find that it doesn't cooperate. The ratio of Knit stitches to Purl stitches is too uneven for the Purl stitches to compensate for the natural tendency of the Knit stitches.



Blogger Joan said...

How do you know all this stuff (said admiringly)?

10:35 AM  
Blogger Strickmuse said...

Thank you for the knitting trivia. I always love to learn more and I did not know any of this.

5:56 PM  

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