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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Babette

I keep making squares for The Babette. I've made 16 squares so far and these are the three newest. I'm starting to lose track of what I've shown on the blog so I'll probably just start taking pictures of all of them when I blog this project (which will also help me to see if I need more light squares or dark squares). I'm trying to get the bigger squares done first (although I give myself a little treat with a smaller one after completing a big square) so that I have plenty of yarn choices. Looking at the yarn situation, I'm thinking that I need to knit some socks with warm colored yarn so I have more scraps. I don't think I've got enough to finish the blanket! Is that wrong? Knitting socks just to make scraps for the blanket?

Of course I could set The Babette aside and start messing around with the cool color scraps...



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