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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Babette and A Plan

Thanks for all the complements on the quilt top. You guys are great!

I've done a few more blocks for The Babette (6 new small ones) and I was beginning to feel like I had a pretty good handle on it. Things were moving along pretty quickly, I was cranking out blocks regularly, and I had done quite a few of the number of blocks required by the pattern. Now I knew that I wanted the throw to be bigger than the pattern called for (so I'd need more blocks), but I didn't really have a plan other than make lots of blocks and see what I've got. That's pretty standard operating procedure around here at Chez Pink Lemon and it usually works out without any major issues. As I was making blocks though, I realized that if I made too many of one size of block or needed more of the bigger blocks and didn't have enough different yarns at the end to make them interesting, I'd be in trouble.

It was time to start figuring out a plan. So I measured the tiny blocks (since the bigger blocks are all multiples of the tiny ones) and figured out how big I'd like the throw, drew it out on graph paper and started drawing in blocks. I started with the biggest and worked my way down to the smaller blocks and then began filling in with the small and tiny size. That's what you see on the right there - the beginnings of a plan. I'm keeping count as I add blocks to the plan, so I know how many I'll need to make to do the plan. Obviously, I'm still working on the plan. I'm seriously considering making the plan a bit smaller, but I haven't decided yet. For now I've got to keep making blocks. A lot of blocks.



Blogger WikiBobo said...

"I've got to keep crocheting." LOVE IT!!!!

7:59 PM  

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