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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Babette (and B.O.B.)

Here are (almost) all of the next smallest size of Babette squares! I've got one more to make, but I decided to go ahead and show you the 19 I had, and you'll see the last one somewhere in the finished blanket. I used B.O.B. to show you where the last block should be, but of course it won't be blue like B.O.B. is, it will be pink/red/plum/yellow/orange/brown - or something like that. Anyway, once I do the last block in this size, I have to two smallest size blocks left to finish up and there are a whole lot of them to do. Fortunately, the smaller size blocks don't take very long to make, so I hope to get those going pretty quickly.

Since I started out using sock leftovers (and then added a few actual skeins), I don't really know what my total yardage would be for this blanket. The pattern of course calls for a specific number of skeins of Koigu, but the Ravelry group for The Babette says you don't use the entire skein of each color called for in the pattern. I'm using a different layout which will be bigger than the official pattern layout, so it will use more yarn than if I had followed the pattern exactly. When I'm done with the whole thing, I will weigh the blanket and try to figure out an approximate yardage based on an average yardage/weight for sock yarn. I think this should work to give me a ballpark idea of what was used. Can anyone come up with a reason this won't work?

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Anonymous Amy said...

Um. Seems reasonable to me - yardage doesn't usually vary that much in sock yarn.

12:35 PM  

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