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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cassidy Sleeves

Two Cassidy posts in one week? What's this world coming to? I've gotten a good start on the sleeves and as you can see, I'm past the cuff and have started the cabling pattern that runs up the sleeve center. I've also started the increases, but I've only worked one so far. There is only the one cable pattern on the sleeve (the back used 3 different cables, the front used 2), so that should theoretically work in my favor as far as the possibility of finishing this sweater before Caleb goes to college. I've also made a list of all the row numbers that will have increases, so as long as I'm paying attention to the list and the row count for my cable crossings, it should be pretty easy to work these sleeves. The next time I sit down with them I'm going to weave in some ends (I had a couple of partial balls of yarn that I started with on the sleeves and I hate stringing yarn ends all over the place) and then I hope to really get these done. Of course I've said that on every other part of this sweater and then kind of ignored it, hoping it would knit itself - that never really happens, even in fairy tales there are some helpful rodents or something actually doing the work. But this time I really mean it! Until I'm distracted by the next project.

Have a great weekend!



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