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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've completed the first section of Cerisara - the top back section. My next step is to add the neckband and start the fronts (I think it involves short rows, but I've decided to just take it step by step and not overthink it - it looks scary all written out in the pattern, but I've done enough of Bonne Marie's patterns to know that she knows what she's doing). Once I get the fronts to this same place, I think I'll be joining everything in the round and it should be pretty straightforward from there. The lace stitch pattern is really easy to work and fast to memorize so this first section has been pretty zippy. Of course once I have the whole thing (fronts and back) on the needles it will slow down some, but working in the round does that. I always feel like I'm getting no where, but really, each time around adds more to the sweater than one row would working in pieces. Does anyone else feel like this when they knit in the round?



Blogger Linda said...

YES! I love knitting in the round but it seems so slow. When working on my February Lady Sweater I started putting in a row marker when I started, so I could get some perspective and see that I had accomplished something.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Jan said...

I still haven't mastered a good attitude while knitting in the round. I've almost completed my Tea Leaves Sweater, and the weight of the whole sweater on my lap is cumbersome. I've tried to shift it to the right and left of me, but I find it a very uncomfortable knit. When I knit piece by piece, there is a rush I get when I block the pieces, then knit the seams. I feel rewarded by the masterpiece (such as it is) that I've accomplished! There are so many lovely sweaters that are 'top down' knits, I hate to give up on them, but I really believe 'set in' type sleeves make me look a bit narrower on top...and that's a good thing, for me.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love knitting in the round, knowing that when I get done with the knitting, I am pretty much done with the sweater. Plus if my guage changes, it's the whole sweater at the same area, rather than pieces that won't fit together.

4:25 PM  
Blogger knitchic said...

I'm working on cerisara too. It does slow down once you join the fronts and the back. That said - it's really fun construction. It's super handy to be able to try it on to make sure the transition from lace to reverse stockinette happens at a flattering point...

8:45 PM  

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