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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Featherweight, Smokin'!

Yes, it really is moving along that quickly! I'm on the straight stockinette body and if there was ever such a thing as autopilot knitting, this is it. Like my first Featherweight, this one is riding around in my bag and primarily being knit in public while I wait for Caleb. In a few weeks, we will add the school pick up line to my public knitting time so whatever is riding around in my handbag should really grow quickly.

I've been doing some handbag re-thinking and I'll be trying something new this Fall. I love the Namaste bag, but I've found that there are times (sit down, this is shocking) when I don't need my knitting. I don't need it at the grocery store. I don't need it to run in and out of the dry cleaner's or vet's. For those places, I just need my wallet, phone and a place to stash my car keys. So a couple of weeks ago, Mom and I went to the Vera Bradley store (not a store that carries Vera Bradley, but a real live, honest to goodness, Vera Bradley store). It was amazing and so covered in prints and colors and quilted goodness - they even offered us Vera Bradley bottled water! So cute! Anyway, for Fall I got the Frannie to hold my essentials (wallet, phone, keys) and the Side by Side to hold my knitting and to toss the Frannie into when I need a bigger handbag. I got them both in the new Barcelona print (it's the default color for the Side by Side in the link). I'm hoping this system works out for me and saves me from toting everything around when I only need a couple of things. I won't start carrying it until school starts since the color says "Fall" to me. Fingers crossed that my handbag plan works...

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