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Thursday, September 09, 2010


I have divided the fronts from the back, and we now have underarms! I've also started some of the cables on the left front of this sweater. I decided to work the fronts together instead of one at a time, just so I'd make sure the shaping matches. (Yes, following the directions would also help, but if I make a mistake on one side, if I'm working them together, I'm more likely to make the same mistake on the other side and then they still match.) Right now the back stitches are just waiting for me on a holder while I work the fronts.

I want to note that while this sweater looks pretty simple (which I think is what will make it extremely wearable), there are a lot of little details to it that aren't really obvious, but that will make it fit better. The pattern is very well written and walks you through exactly what you should be doing and when. That's always a nice thing for a pattern to do, in my opinion.



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