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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Sleeve for Coraline

I'm still working on my first sleeve for Coraline. It's not going terribly fast, but it is going. I think I have a tighter row gauge (and my yarn doesn't grow when blocked) than the pattern calls for. This means I have to keep going round and round and round. Fortunately, it is pretty mindless knitting and works well for public knitting. It just doesn't make the most interesting blog pictures (or posts for that matter). I'm going to have to take a look at the pattern and compare the pattern gauge to my own gauge because if I'm really off on row gauge, I might have problems with the yoke section. Usually if you're getting stitch gauge you'll be fine because row gauge is less crucial (particularly if the design just says to "knit for X inches." I think in this design, row gauge is going to be just as important. On the other hand, I wanted to use my handspun for this, so I may have to make some adjustments.

In running news, I have a little bit to share. First of all, it got hot again - 81 degrees and 85% humidity at 6:00 AM (before the sun is up), so I was definitely slimy when I finished - I live such a glamorous life. But the news is that I went 3.14 miles total! I've never gone that far before and the important thing about this is that a 5K is 3.1 miles. The 3.14 miles I did this morning does include warm up and cool down distance, so I'm not yet running the total distance, but I ran most of it and survived to tell about it. Little victories are even more fun when you're easily amused like I am!

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Anonymous Kandace said...

I wanted to share my congratulations on your running! I've started trying to traing for a 5K with the couch to 5K program myself, so you're inspiring me! I'm only on week 3 so my longest jog so far has been 3 minutes. Not so impressive, but baby steps....

And I'm loving your progress on Coraline, the handspun is gorgeous. I'm a beginning spinner and have yet to knit with anything I've spun. Again, you're an inspiration : ).

9:26 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Thanks so much! I'll be starting Week 7 of Couch to 5K on Saturday and looking back at how hard Week 1 was when I first started, I'm really proud and amazed. There have been a couple of weeks that I've repeated, just because I didn't feel like my runs were strong enough (I repeated Week 6), but I've always been able to complete each run. I really think this program is genius and can see the difference that it's making both in my running and in the way my clothes fit!

9:48 AM  

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