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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mohair Bias Loop

I meant to blog yesterday but didn't take into account the time involved with blogging versus the time available to get cleaned up and get to my haircut appointment. Uncaffeinated mornings are like that - the time/space continuum fits my schedule, regardless of reality. So I'll just blog this morning.

I've been getting work done on the Mohair Bias Loop. I haven't measured it lately, but I do think I'm past the halfway point and I'm finishing up with the first ball of yarn (using the Kid Silk Haze comparable, but better priced, Elann Silken Kydd). You can see how sheer this is by the pattern on the rug showing through. There's just not a lot to say about this pattern other than it's perfectly simple and portable and the finished object is very versatile in the way it's worn. It's hard to describe the knitting pleasure I get out of knitting with fluffy, light-as-air yarn on huge needles and creating this ethereal rectangle. I still think these would make great gifts, but one of these would also be a great post-Christmas knitting project for the knitter whose brain is fried from last minute Christmas knitting and who can barely remember their own name.



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