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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Austin Hoodie

I'm still working on my Austin Hoodie and I'm actually to the point where I stop doing stockinette stitch and switch to a textured stitch. The next row I work will be in the textured stitch (I can't for the life of me remember what stitch it is and I haven't started caffeine yet this morning so it's not going to suddenly pop into my head mid blog post - we'll just call it the textured stitch for today). If memory serves, I think I will divide the fronts from the back somewhere in the middle of this (upcoming) stitch pattern. I know from experience that once I separate the fronts from the back of a cardigan, it seems to grow faster, even though in reality I have to do about the same amount of work. I think maybe its that I can see whatever part I'm working on growing faster than when I work the whole thing in the round and that inspires me to keep going. (Oh, it looks like there are holes in my knitting but those are just places where I joined a new ball of yarn and need to weave in the ends.)

Last time I blogged this I mentioned that I was really enjoying these new needles, particularly the swivel cables and there was a question in the comments, so I'll answer it now. These are from my new set of Hiya Hiya Interchangables* and the way they built the cable sections, the actual cables can swivel in the parts that screw into the needles. This means that the cables won't try to get twisty on me as I work (because they can rotate to a relaxed position) so I'm not fighting them, and it also means that they won't try to unscrew themselves from the needle tips because they did get twisty. I'm really enjoying these needles and will be adding to the set (because I keep multiple projects going at once).

*This link is to the set I have, with the 4 inch needle tips. They also make a set with 5 inch tips that some people find more comfortable to knit with.

Also, there was a concerned comment yesterday about whether or not I would be blogging this month since I finished up my Knit Something of the Month Project for June. I will definitely be blogging because I still have (many) other projects on the needles and if I get really efficient around here and finish up all my projects, I can always cast on new projects. I just finished that one project before it even got an "in progress" post, that's all.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie. I don't comment much but I read your blog everyday. I had a question about the hiya needles, and maybe you already mentioned this but I didn't have time to re-read your posts. :) How are the cords? Are they like the Options cord so they will be good for magic loop? Or are they stiff?

thanks for your time!

12:04 PM  

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