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Monday, August 29, 2011

Blazing a New Trail, or Sleeve

I've completed the body of my cardigan! It really needs a good blocking. I'm now working on my first sleeve and I think I'm making them long. I tried on the cardi once I finished the body and front bands (it fits!) and I'm pretty sure that the long sleeve idea is the right way to go for me on this sweater. I'm going to double check other Vitamin D projects on Ravelry because I'm sure at least one other person has lengthened the sleeves. Hopefully there will be pictures so I'll know if what's in my head is what it will look like or notes if they ran into any problems when they knit them. How did we ever knit without Ravelry?

I realize the picture is hard to see but it's overcast here this morning and we actually got a tiny bit of rain earlier! Makes it hard to get good pictures, but we need the rain so badly, I'm not complaining.



Anonymous Sally H. said...

I am making the vitamin D also. I do have a question for you. The pattern has you making the sleeves before the body. Did you do anything different to make the body first? I hope this makes sense....

8:11 PM  

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