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Monday, September 12, 2011


Over the weekend I finished up the garter stitch section of Kleio and I did my first braid and I got started on the lace section.  I've never done a braid before (in knitting that is) and it was interesting.  One of the things Romi says to do when you start the braid is to pull out lots of yarn from your ball.  Yards and yards of it.  Of course, she doesn't mention what to do with your dog who thinks he's a kitten who decides to be "helpful" with all this yarn all over the floor.  So it went a bit like this - knitty braidy thing, knitty braidy thing, "Leave it Logan,"  knitty braidy thing, "Drop it Logan,"knitty braidy thing, knitty braidy thing, "Move Logan, you're laying on the yarn."

Yes, it took a while to do the braid.  But now I'm on the lace and while I have two more braids to go, the lace is doing just fine for now.  Also, I'm back to normal lengths of yarn, not yards and yards in a pile on the floor, so the dog kitten is being good with it right now.

Oh, I almost forgot, my contrast color is from the Loopy Solid's Series in the Malachite colorway.  This is a fairly decent picture of my main color too, you can actually see the colors in the black from the Rook-y (Socks that Rock Lightweight).


Blogger Jan said...

Gosh, that looks so interesting, and the color combination is lovely. I can't wait for the results!

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Logan is nothing if not faithful!

I really love the combination of the pattern and the yarn you chose. It's going to be beautiful!

3:18 PM  

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