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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Sleeve

I'm still working on my first sleeve. There's just not that much to say about it at this point. It's coming along just fine and I'm doing fine on time for the project.

To distract you from the lack of interesting information about the sleeve, I will tell you a story. A true story. The other day Mickael and I were at WalMart and after we parked and were heading across the parking lot, a squirrel came running out from between two cars and crossed in front of us. I have no idea what the squirrel was doing in the parking lot because the part of the parking lot we were in was about as far away from trees as you could get. It would have made more sense to see the squirrel closer to the trees at the edge of the parking lot. So anyway, the squirrel ran right over to an Infinity SUV and climbed through the grill and up under the hood! It was the strangest thing. We have no idea why the squirrel did this, but this incident combined with the time I saw a squirrel and a duck sitting together on the sidewalk by the golf course has made me very distrustful of squirrels lately*. I mean we already know ducks are shifty, but if squirrels are fraternizing with them, I think we should keep an eye on the squirrels too. Also, I'll be slapping the hood of my car before I start it up to leave Walmart just to give any squirrels a chance to leave before I start it up.

*On the day I saw the squirrel and duck together, the duck chased me after I ran by so clearly the two of them were discussing something they didn't want me to overhear. At the time I was more concerned with the duck than the squirrel since I was attacked by ducks as a small child, but apparently squirrels are also untrustworthy wildlife.

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Blogger Jan said...

Yikes, squirrels and ducks in colusion? Scary.

My youngest daughter was attacked by a group of ducks at a park when she was about 2 years old. I still have visions of me running with her in my arms, trying to get away....thankfully, she reached adulthood (well, sort of) without therapy.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Sheri said...

We have so many squirrels in our yard we're not sure if the 40 pounds of sunflower seeds we go through in a week is for the birds, or more for the squirrels. The feeders never say full more than 12 hours. Wonder if they all discuss how "dumb" we are for not buying squirrel proof feeders?

5:50 PM  
Blogger Teresa C said...

On the news in the last month, they had pictures of a totaled car. Fire in the front of the engine.
Culprit? Squirrel nest.

9:13 PM  

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