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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It's not just little pink cabled socks around here.  At least not all the time.  Sometimes I set the sock down to take things out of Logan's mouth.  And sometimes, in between taking things out of Logan's mouth, I work on something else.  I've gotten all the way through the lace section of Kleio now and I'm ready to start my second braid.  The first braid took several hours and this next braid will have more stitches than the first.  Of course I'll also get to spend time taking things out of Logan's mouth while I work the braid, mainly the yarn I'm knitting with since he thinks he's part kitten and just can't control his yarn urges.  I've never seen a dog as interested in yarn and strings as Logan is.  Kleio is really fun for both of us - I get to knit and he chases yarn!

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Anonymous leannw said...

My Corso, bernese mountain dog age 1,is still stealing my yarn & projects - for him it is a game to see if he can make it to the couch with the yarn before I catch him. He usually wins but he does give me back my things when I tell him to "drop". We got him a little sister yesterday - we'll see how that goes & if she, too, loves yarn......I love the Logan stories.

9:09 AM  

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