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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remember This?

It's the Austin Hoodie and it's been sitting patiently, waiting for me to get back to it while I worked on Camp Loopy projects all Summer.  It didn't help that I had stopped knitting at a place where I'd need about 30 minutes to sort out where I was and to restart, so it was easy to overlook the hoodie and work on other things.  It's getting closer to sweater weather around here, or at least acting like it might get closer to sweater weather at some point, and a fingering weight cardi is a useful thing in this climate.  I'm working on the fronts right now and as soon as I get them knitted and the shoulders seams sewn, I'm going to spend some time weaving in all those ends!  I don't think I've woven in a single end on this sweater yet and it looks like a Ghillie Suit on the inside.  I've also got to track down a US 5 needle for the sleeves.  I like the 9 inch circulars for sleeves and I have a size 4 and a size 6.  I might have to do the hood first while I wait for the needle to get here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little cool weather to inspire sweater completion! You have my official sanction to knit the hoodie first - go for it!

8:46 AM  

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