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Monday, December 05, 2011

December Knit Something of the Month

I'm doing much better at my December Knit Something of the Month project than I did with November's project.  It was portable during all that garter stitch, but if you look at the top center you can see I've started the lace.  The lace section isn't portable, but it still feels like it's moving pretty quickly.
This second picture shows one of my assistant photographers (the other one is off camera to my left).  Apparently there were some wrinkles that needed smoothing out.  Or something.

As quickly as this project is going, I'm questioning my earlier thought of only doing one project for November and December for next year's Knit Something of the Month.  Next year Max will be older and (possibly) more mature, or at least he shouldn't attack knitting as much as he does now (feline yarn tensioning device anyone?), so it's possible that I could do one project a month next year.  What do you think - leave a comment and I'll let you decide:  do I do 12 projects next year or only 11?  (This is just for the Knit Something of the Month thing, I'll still have other projects going on at the same time.)

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Anonymous Ginger said...

I'm almost inclined to suggest officially planning one project but having some "bonus" projects set up in the queue as well. They could be for November and December or at any point earlier in the year as well as an option.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

I'll be zen about this, since you still have young fur critters to contend with. If the "project a month" plan acts as incentive to you, keep it and tweak it to fit your life. If it is causing you stress or making your knitting feel like a chore, I would dump it or seriously change up your plan.

I really enjoyed Max's first post. Serious young dude, isn't he!

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Beth in Maryland said...

I can't imagine knitting six projects a year, let alone eleven or twelve, so either one is awesome by me! How about going for eleven and if the stars align, you can add number 12.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

I can't believe you've kept up with a project per month - so I would suggest having 12 for next year as well. You might want to consider making the December project very small/on-the-go knitting, if you think December will be full with holiday knitting, otherwise I can't see you'd have any trouble! (My once-a-month project didn't even last until March....)

5:44 PM  

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