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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've actually made some progress on my first Glacier mitt!  I'm ready to start the little finger things now.  (They're not full fingers, they're just little finger things.)  I'm hoping they don't take too long, but since I'm adapting the pattern (which is for full glove fingers), I'll have to take notes so I can do them the same on the left mitt.

For all the hints and tips you gave me on my last Glacier post, the panicky one because Max won't leave my project along, thank you.  Max is a unique kitten and has his own way of doing things (I say unique because crazypants isn't a nice way to refer to a kitten).

As far as a certain time of day that he consistently sleeps, yes he has that time it's between 10:30 PM and 6:30 AM.  Funny enough, I'm consistently sleeping at the same time.

If I close a door between me and Max, he will either (A) destroy the house with Logan, or (B) howl outside the door the whole time.  I tend to knit while everyone else is at school or work and when there are other people to entertain Max and Logan, I need to be doing other things (helping with homework, cooking dinner, etc.)

We do have a squirt bottle and it worked really well on Ramius when he was a kitten.  Logan also responds to the squirt bottle and stops whatever it is that got him squirted in the first place.  Maximus finds the squirt bottle refreshing and could I please continue watering him, maybe get that left shoulder?  Yeah, he doesn't care a bit about being squirted with water.  Honestly the only thing I've found that he dislikes is the scent of lotions and face creams, but somehow, "If you don't stop attacking my knitting, I'm going to moisturize something"  just doesn't quite sound right.  I know we'll get there eventually and he'll be a good cat someday and curl up nicely while I knit, but it's going to be interesting getting there.

Also, I used to have a kitty named Minkey too!  His real name was Hot Fudge Sundae and he was a Birman, but he preferred being called Minkey to Fudge.  He also responded well to the water bottle.

(Of course, as I write this blog post, Maximus is curled up sweetly in my lap dozing like a little angel.  Honestly, he's probably plotting his next attack, but he sure is cute and cuddly right now.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Max doesn't like scent, have you thought about putting rose water (or something like that) in the spray bottle?

2:41 PM  

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