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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Knit Something of the Month

Introducing the first project for my 2012 Knit Something of the Month Club!  The pattern is Glacier and the yarn is The Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Cornflower.  I'm making the small size and making them fingerless gloves (there will be little finger parts, but not full fingers, versus fingerless mitts which don't have separate finger parts).  In our climate here in Texas, fingerless gloves/mitts pretty well take care of things and they're easier to walk Logan and drive with than full gloves.  Also, if it does get really cold, I can always just put mittens on top of them.

A strange thing happened when I was taking the picture this morning.  I had put Logan into a stay beside me since this wasn't his photo shoot and I thought it was just the two of us in the room at the time.  It's easy, when you're taking pictures, to completely block out everything that's happening outside of your little view window on the camera and between one picture and then next, my glove disappeared!  Using my keen detective skills, I followed the blue yarn leading from my project bag away from me and heading across the room to figure out what had happened.  Maximus had picked up the glove by a double point and was trying to escape with the whole thing.  The yarn, project, and needles are all fine.  I gave Max a stern talking to but I don't think he was listening since he was playing with the strings on my hoodie the whole time.  The yarn does match his eyes, but it's not his glove!

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Anonymous LeAnn said...

Lovely color. You may need to watch Max with the double points. Our Lacey, a Maine coon cat, still likes to chew any double points she can steal....although it was a shopping bag that she got her head caught in at 3 this morning~

11:51 AM  

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