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Friday, December 16, 2011

Ruffle My Feathers

Mommy finished something else for me to wear but I've got to do this quickly - the Max kitty is sneaking up on me.  He's a very scary kitty sometimes and he attacks me, but I chase him.  Sometimes I help him take a bath and sometimes he gives me a bath.  I'm wearing Mommy's new lace thing.  She says it's called Ruffle My Feathers and it's made in Sanguine Gryphon's Bugga in the Bomber Worm Colorway.  Bomber Worms sound scary, I hope I don't meet any!  The color actually matches Max's eyes so maybe he knows about Bomber Worms.

He did something yesterday morning that scared everyone in the house!  I'll tell you about it.  You all realize that the Max kitty isn't quite right in the head?  He's also able to get into small places and he had walked through the railing on one of the upstairs balcony areas.  Then do you know what he did?  He jumped!  From the upstairs to the downstairs, just jumped!  He landed on the slippery floor that Mommy calls "hardwood"  and he didn't do it right or something because he was holding one of his paws funny and doing something Mommy called "limping."  I gave him kisses on it though since everyone knows Golden Retriever spit heals everything.  By the time Mommy was dressed to take him to the vet though he was starting to put weight on it.  She called the vet instead and they said she could just watch him for a bit since he seemed to be able to do that.  Sure enough, after a nap, he was chasing me again with none of the limping.  I'm glad I was here with my magic spit and I could help the Max kitty.  I hope he doesn't do it again because Mommy and Daddy estimated the jump at 12-15 feet and that's too far for a Max kitty to jump.  I wouldn't jump that far, I think Mommy and Daddy have the stairs in the house for a reason.  This morning the Max kitty has been staying on the inside of the railing, where he's supposed to.

I've got to give this lace thing back to Mommy, Max just hopped sideways at me and ran off.  It is on!

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Blogger PJ said...

Logan, I love when you are allowed to post....you write very well! And of course I do agree the retriever spit does work miracles. Tell your brother Max no more jumping.

11:24 PM  
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