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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Glacier

I think I forgot to mention yesterday that this will be all I'm working on until both of my Glacier fingerless gloves are finished.  Just to warn you.

I got a little farther on them yesterday.  I'm now to the point where the palms are just stockinette so that is making the rounds quicker to knit.  Once I take the thumb stitches off the needle and put them on a holder, things should move even faster.  I'm less than 10 rounds away from taking off the thumb stitches.

Just in case you've never knit anything with thumbs, once you get to the point where the stitches that will be your thumb reach the top of the webbing on your hand between your thumb and hand, you take the stitches off and put them on a stitch holder or waste yarn and then continue knitting the hand in the round.    Then later you can pick up the thumb stitches and knit a tiny tube for your thumb.  Since most of the knitted thumbs I've made increase from the wrist to the thumb for a thumb gusset, the rounds working up to the point where the thumb stitches come off are longer than the rest of the glove or mitten.  It always feels like I'm on the home stretch once I put these stitches on waste yarn.  Also, for some reason, I always do both thumbs together at the end.  Fingers or fingerlets I'll do as I finish each glove, but thumbs are last and together.

More Glacier tomorrow!  (Try to control yourselves.)

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