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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Halfway There

I've finished the first Glacier fingerless glove (minus the thumb - those I do together at the end, and a bunch of yarn ends) and started the second one!  I did start a left glove (the first was a right glove) so assuming I don't get confused, I should end up with a left glove.  I don't take this for granted, I know it will take constant vigilance on my part to end up with a left glove and not a weird, hybrid left/right glove.  I only had to remove Max from the yarn seven times last night, and only removed him from the needles four times.  This is an improvement, but the round where you join the cast on edge to the working edge to make the hem still took over an hour.  (I zipped right through that round on the first glove.)  At this point, I think I might get these done before the month is out.  At least there's a chance.  I haven't run this by Max yet, he might have other plans.

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