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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Austin Hoodie

I'm having trouble getting my brain into gear this morning so this post may or may not make sense.  I'll try to proofread extra carefully though, and keep the tea coming.

I pulled out the Austin Hoodie to see where I was on it and as it turns out, I was almost done with the first sleeve.  So I sat down, separated Logan and Max who were playing a very good game of Chase the Kitty and Put Him in Your Mouth*, and finished up the sleeve.  I think there was actually supposed to be a stitch pattern change to make a cuff, but I forgot to recheck the pattern, so my sleeve is all stockinette with a hem.  It matches the lower body section (stockinette with a hem) so I'm not going to sweat the lack of cuff detail.  At this point, I think the hoodie is tired of being stuffed in a basket or ziplock bag.  (It was originally in a basket, then Max found it and snagged it a bit in an attempt to pull it out of the basket - fixable - so it went into a zippy bag.)  If I were the hoodie, I'd just want to be knitted already, so I don't expect any complaints for leaving off the decorative cuff.

I'm really hoping to start the second sleeve today, but the start takes a bit of time because the sleeve is knit from the top down, which means short row sleeve cap shaping.  I'd like to get all the short rows done in one sitting so I'll have to see how my time looks before I start.  If I can't do it today, I should be able to get a start this weekend.  Can you imagine that I might actually finish this cardi sometime this year?  I know, crazy talk.

*Chase the Kitty and Put Him in Your Mouth is actually a better game than it sounds and Max usually starts it by swatting at Logan, puffing up, hopping sideways and then tearing off down the hall.  Once Logan catches him, he puts Max in his mouth.  If you've never had a retriever, you may not know, they are extremely gentle in the mouth (you don't want your duck eaten by your dog after all).  95% of the time, Max just pulls whatever part of him is in Logan's mouth out by walking away and then restarts the game.  One time, Max didn't get loose by walking away but the part of him in Logan's mouth was one of Max's drumsticks (rear leg) and Max was walking (or trying to with three legs), but Logan was following and still holding Max's leg.  I did put a stop to that particular game, but when I told Caleb about it later, his spin on it was, "So Max was dragging Logan around the house?"  Fortunately, Max isn't at all offended by doggy spit, which is also part of the game.



Blogger Laura said...

That sounds like a great game! We had a lovely golden who once caught a field mouse in her mouth; only the tail was hanging out, to our horror. My husband rescued the VERY soggy mouse and released it outside, to our dog's disappointment. I'm glad that Max doesn't mind the dog spit, because yes, it's a major part of the game, I'm sure!

Oh, and the hoodie is coming along very nicely. Congrats on trying to finish it up -- I've got several such projects figuratively collecting dust while I try very hard to ignore them right now, so I admire your willpoiwer.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Doris said...

My son's black lab and cat (both currently living with me and my very allergic husband) play tag all the time. The cat starts it about half the time. We live in a rowhouse (townhouse everywhere but Baltimore) so our neighbor wanted toknow, very discreetly, what we were doing when we ran up and down the steps in the middle of the night. That had us roaring, because we think he thought it was my husband and me playing tag.

1:41 PM  

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