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Monday, March 05, 2012

March Knit Something of the Month

Let's try again with the regular blogging this week, shall we?  I think (fingers crossed) things should be a bit more normal around here this week than last week.  For one thing, Caleb's Science Fair project went to school this morning.  It always feels good to get that done.  Max is sitting quietly in the window watching birds at the feeder (he finally figured out that if he sits quietly, he can watch the birds, which is more interesting than watching the birds fly away.  Logan is curled up in his cave with one of his toys as a pillow - I think it's his Kong which is not a soft pillow at all.  So, on to the knitting!
I've started my March Knit Something of the Month project which is Calliope's Odyssey (which is a hard word to spell by the way).  This is actually the second time I've started it.  My first start was with Fleece Artist Kidazzle which is a great yarn, but there was too much twist for it to work in this shawl.  I think it would make amazing socks and plan to use if for that soon.  Fortunately, there was a yarn store run on Friday and I went to The Knitting Fairy (very nice little knitting store, great owner and customer service) for the first time and found some replacement yarn:  Pagewood Farms Yukon.  This is Teal and I'm pairing it with Misty.  This yarn has a softer twist and it's working much better in this design than the original yarn.  I'm glad they had it because I didn't have anything in my stash to pair for this two color design.

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