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Monday, April 02, 2012

April Knit Something of the Month

April is here!  That means I get to start my April Knit Something of the Month project, so I did last night.  This is the first of my Eragon Mitts, made in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Cherry.  This is the entire cuff and I'm ready to start the hand part on the next round.

Know what else is new around here?  I've got a new camera!  This one runs circles around my old one and I think it's probably smarter than I am.  I've got a lot to learn about it still, but hopefully I'll be able to get better pictures.  It's a lot faster and has a burst mode on it, so at the very least I should get actual pictures of Logan and Max instead of pictures of where Logan and Max have been.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the completion of something 11 months in the making!

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