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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Green Things

Since I finished the capelet, I didn't want to start anything big (May is coming and that means a new project of the month), so I made a few more leaves!  I made all three of these yesterday afternoon and evening, wove in the ends and got them blocked during commercials on Deadliest Catch.  These are the same yarn as the first leaf I made (Sinfonia 100% cotton from Hobby Lobby), so I now have four leaves the same size.  It's a leaf making factory around here - maybe I'm becoming a tree?  Caleb saw the leaves blocking and announced he wanted a red leaf of his own.  Fortunately, I have red cotton yarn so I can make him his very own leaf.  I think these could also be cute in wool and then felt them a little so they fluff together.  I can see some felted, white wool leaves holding mugs of hot cocoa!
Yesterday was also the day I made the Spring plant run.  I got my yearly geraniums and I also got some herbs to tuck into the strawberry pot.  New this year are two tomato plants!  I've never done tomatoes before but with some advice from the ladies at the plant place, I think this might work.  I've got them in pots (they're bush tomatoes, which is apparently the way to go if you're growing them in pots) on the patio.  Logan is fascinated by the new additions to the patio and if dog spit is good for tomatoes, we're going to have some really happy tomatoes around here.  They get kisses every time he walks by.  He's also interested in the herbs and particularly likes to snuffle the lavender.  Smart dog!

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Anonymous LeAnnW said...

Several years ago, our bernese mountain dog Romy and our daughter's lab Pepper spent the afternoon together in our daughter's back yard. When we retutned, they had picked all the green tomaotes & had them in a neat pile between them - like a tea party......

9:06 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

I'm sure that dog spit is an excellent fertilizer for tomatoes, since I've always heard that well-loved plants grow better. I just hope Logan doesn't develop a taste for actually chowing down on them. My neighbor, a master gardener, couldn't figure out what was happening to her broccoli patch. She would see the sprouts just beginning tp push up and than suddenly disappear. She was blaming her disappearing broccoli on all kinds of critters, from bugs to raccoons, until she found her darling Australian Shepherd happily nibbling away on the tender new shoots. Turns out the dog was a big fan of broccoli, even the fully grown kind.

Happy gardening, Gina

3:23 PM  

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