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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Cranberry Capelet

I'm still going on the capelet.  I did try it on yesterday and I like the way it looks, but I've got a little bit farther to go, to get it the right length.  Quality control is still on the job.  I'm wondering if I'll be allowed to photograph knits without one or the other of them, ever again.  On the other hand, if Max wasn't holding the capelet down, it could have easily walked off and then you'd just get a picture of the rug.  Not much to blog about the rug, so it's a good thing he's anchoring the knit!



Blogger Bob & Phyllis said...

oh how funny! Max's fur matches your project (at least on my laptop).

While I don't get the exact same flavor of help, I do get help from my solid black cat when I knit...

9:39 AM  

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