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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Something New

No, it's not another doggy hat, and I got the photos working again!  This is the Cranberry Capelet.  (Which is just a nicer way to say poncho - last Fall and Winter, Nordstrom's carried capes, not ponchos.)  I loved the look of it when I first saw it and went and bought yarn for it, but I was making myself finish up the Austin Hoodie first.  The yarn I'm using is Quince and Company's Lark in Egret.  This is the first time I've used a Quince and Company yarn, but I will definitely be using it again.  It's just a lovely yarn.  It's not quite as soft as pure merino, but it's still very soft.  It's hard to describe, but there's almost a crispness to it or something.  You know how silk charmeuse and velvet are both soft, but there's a little bit of crunch to the velvet?  It's like that.  Probably the easiest thing to do is just buy some.  You can thank me later.

What you're looking at is the top turtleneck section of the capelet.  It's knit in a rib, and it's pulling in right now as ribs do.  (Apparently in the pattern photos she blocked the neck pretty aggressively to give it more of an oversized/cowl kind of look.)  I used a tubular cast on for it, since it starts out ribbed and the cast on edge will be right next to my face.  I thought it would look nicer and more finished instead of using my bog standard long tail cast on, and I'm glad I did because I do like the way it looks.  Also, I can't stop squishing my knitting.  Did I mention I love this yarn?



Blogger Gale NoName said...

Those capelets look rather useful. Enough to keep your shoulders warm and stay on without getting in the way. A practical garment.

Lark is a great choice for your version.

9:30 AM  

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