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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Once Was Ravi...

...is now becoming a different cardi.  I chose the Retreating Sweater to make with my Ravi yarn (I have four skeins of the Socks That Rock Mediumweight, so 1600+ yards - more than enough).  The sleeves and back of the sweater are knit first, then you do a bit of seaming, pick up stitches, work down, and Bob's your uncle - you have a sweater!  This is the first sleeve.  I think - Caleb helped me with the measuring bit and I'm going to try it on first before I assume I'm starting the back.  It's not that I don't trust my son's measuring abilities, but I don't really trust my son's measuring abilities.  You understand, I'm sure.



Blogger Gina said...

Great sweater pattern! I'm going to put that on my backup list of projects for the Loopy fourth quarter challenge if I can't get gauge for my current choice (the Austin hoodie) with the two yarns I've chosen.

Thank you for the bold step of admitting when a pattern is working for you (for whatever reason) and having the guts to just frog it instead of pushing on.

I'm looking forward to future posts by the furry side of your family unit.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Joan said...

You know what they say... Measure once, knit twice!

1:56 AM  
Blogger Cindy/KS said...

Beautiful pattern choice!

11:55 AM  

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