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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Just swinging by the blog to show you the week's new hexipuffs!  I realize this is quite possibly one of the most boring blog posts ever (look - more hexipuffs!), but it keeps me going on them when I really wanted to bring Cladonia to the gym yesterday instead of working hexipuffs.  They are fun to knit and they really freak people out when they make the mistake of asking what I'm knitting.  They just kind of back away slowly and you can see them thinking of the sheer number of these silly little things I'll have to make for a blanket.  I love freaking people out with knitting, don't you?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you planning to duplicate stitch embroider the plain puffs? The Beekeepers quilt group on Ravelry has made available lots of charts. Some have specialized in flowers bees would like, bees, etc.

Then there are the Dr. Who embroideries...don't think I'll be doing those.

9:13 AM  
Blogger auntiemichal said...

I'm enjoying the hexipuffs; please keep blogging them between the cat, dog, sweaters, shawls, bags, etc. This blanket is going to be very, very warm, right? Maybe there's a way to work that into the conversation for additional freakage. Texas gets how much winter? LOL

7:32 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

They are really coming along! I like freaking people out too! The best is knitting in the round with a bunch of double pointed needles; my peers think it is rather terrifying!

7:52 PM  

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