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Monday, October 01, 2012

Where we practically knit a scarf to knit a sweater

I realized over the weekend that this sleeve/back/sleeve piece is pretty much a scarf.  It has some increases and decreases and a decorative cable thing smack dab in the middle, but it's pretty much a scarf.  Fortunately, I'm still amused by it so it's not a slog - yet.  I'm going to keep pushing on it though and get it done before I lose interest.  I've started the decreases on the right sleeve part of it, so I am getting there.  It also helped to inspire me that this weekend was (relatively) cool and it rained all weekend.

Logan sort of enjoys the rain because he likes to try to steal his foot cleaning towels.  I don't allow him to play with towels because he can't tell the difference between dog towels and good towels.  If I ever get a dog who can tell which towels are the good towels he's not supposed to play with, he can play with his dog towels.  So far no one's been allowed to play with towels except for Bear, briefly, who taught me that dogs can't tell the difference.  I understand that some men have the same problem.



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