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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fridays Are For Crochet

The Neat Ripple blanket is moving along pretty well.  I'm almost 75% done, so I feel like getting it done for Christmas shouldn't be a problem.  I photographed my little balls of leftover yarn.  This is what's left of each skein after working each color for two repeats.  I guess it's a good thing I didn't make  my starting chain any longer!  Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous Laura said...

Excellent planning on your part! Just curious, how big will the blanket be when you're finished? Many years ago I crocheted a double bed-sized ripple afghan, and still use it to this day (although it was back in the days when the only yarn available was dreadful acrylics), and I'll never forget what an exercise in stick-to-itiveness it was!

Although for stick-to-itiveness, anything I've ever done can't even compare with a massive bedspread that my grandmother crocheted while my grandfather was away during WWI; it's crocheted out of, basically thin string in six-inch squares, then sewn together. It not only fit her old-fashioned double bed that was so high off the floor you nearly needed a stepladder to climb up on it, it hung all the way to the floor on all sides! She said it took her nearly three years!!!

5:30 PM  

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