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Friday, December 14, 2012

Fridays Are For Crochet

I've gotten a little done on The Babette.  This is part of the third quarter of it.  Since it's been a while since you've last seen it, I'm sewing the blocks together into four big parts plus the center square.  Then I'll join it all together and add borders.  I've gotten the first two big parts done and this is about a third of the third big part - make sense?  Probably not, but the point is, I'm sewing it together and maybe I'll get it done at some time before Caleb goes to college.

Every time I start to sew blocks together I have to figure out how I did it for the first two sections, so it always takes me a bit to get going.  Of course, if I'd just sit down and sew a little bit everyday, I wouldn't forget so I wouldn't have to figure out anything.  I'm not really that organized by nature though.  Who knows?  It's the end of the year and I like to finish things up at this time of year, maybe I'll find the motivation to get this finished.  I would like it finished after all.  I love the colors and it would be nice to get it out of the middle of my sewing room floor!

Right now, the only thing I'm motivated to find is more tea - there's not enough caffeine in my system yet this morning.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Blogger Isaac, Emily, and Laura said...

Have you ever tried keeping a knitting notebook? I don't do it as faithfully as I should, but it's a very helpful tool when you pick up and put down a pattern a lot. Some really organized people, I know, do it for ALL their knitting, but I'm like you as far as not being that organized -- it's definitely not in my stars! :)

9:24 PM  
Blogger Cindy/KS said...

Beautiful, but I learned a long time ago that I do not have the patience for putting together blocks and circles!

Maybe you could take some pictures or make notes on Ravelry of what you are doing as you do it? I have been doing that this year to help me make additional pairs of socks for the grandkids without them having to know - most of them have finished growing, so their sizes shouldn't be changing.

1:19 PM  

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