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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweatering On

I've worked more on my cardigan, although I'm not sure you can tell from the pictures.  I would really love to get this done so I can wear it.  It's cold!  Of course, we all know that when I do get it finished, it won't be cold anymore, but either way, I'd be warmer.  It's too cold to run this morning (I've found that both the real temperature and the wind chill have to be above 20 degrees F to run), there are little bits of ice (sleet?) outside, and even Logan is moving pretty quickly outside to do his business and get back in.  Max is curled up in bed again.  I think he's the smartest one of all of us, but he doesn't have to get groceries or run to the dry cleaners or all the other little errands I need to do today.  Did I mention that it's cold?

I am planning on getting to the part later today where I take off the sleeve stitches from this sweater.  That means that yes, you'll be seeing it again tomorrow, but that also means it should move along faster soon.  Hope you stay warm today!

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